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Schärf & Schmidt, attorneys at law

Dr. Wolf-Georg Schärf
1010 Wien, Tiefer Graben 21/3
phone: 01/533 39 51; fax: 01/ 533 39 51-50

Mag. Johannes Schmidt
1010 Wien, Singerstraße 4/4
phone: 01/315 67 09; fax: 01/315 67 10[a]

special fields

- European law, in particular making out of expertises
- law of associations, in particular corporation law (establishment of joint-stock corporations, realization of actions for avoidance and nullity suits, questions regarding supervisory boards and management boards, business combination law, expertises)
- tax law, in particular taking complaints to the court of administration and representation in penal proceedings concerning financial law
- law of tenancy
- Eastern European law, in particular law of countries of the former Soviet Union / establishment of a law office in
St. Petersburg
- intellectual property law / unlawful competition, trademark law and patent law

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